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What to Expect at Horton Chiropractic

Star and Laura – Your Chiropractic Support

Before starting care, Dr. Horton will talk to you about your options and explain the process of your chiropractic visits. You’ll feel confident and comfortable.

Let’s Get Started

Be sure to bring your insurance cards with you when you first come in. You’ll be greeted by our fantastic front desk staff before you see Dr. Horton for:

  • A consultation and examination
  • X-rays taken on-site, if needed

Your first chiropractic visit:
Initial visit, without X-rays: $70
Initial visit, with X-rays: $120

We ask that you set aside about 30 minutes for your initial visit.

Your Second Visit and Beyond

Dr. Horton will have a full report of his findings from your examination. He’ll explain what’s he found and whether he can help you with it.

Your regular visits will involve chiropractic care and, in most cases, a visit to the relaxing Intersegmental Traction table.

Duration of second and subsequent visits: less than 15 minutes

Do I Have to Keep Going?

It’s always your choice to decide how much chiropractic care you want.

‘’My patients usually find that once they feel better, they want to keep feeling better, and that motivates them to maintain their spine.” –Dr. John Horton

We would love to share with you all chiropractic care can do. Call our chiropractor in Santa Rosa today. (707) 528-2225